We are currently auditioning for Actors who can sing, Singers who can act and Dancers


I would have completed 18(eighteen) years of age on or before April 01, 2017


I am conversant in Hindi & English


I am willing to work on a travelling theatrical musical show for a minimum period of 1 year on a contract with Wizcraft. If selected by Wizcraft in the final round of audition for performing in the musical show


I have not been convicted or accused of any act of immorality or any criminal behaviour. I shall not commit any act or get involved in any activity either directly/indirectly which may bring disrepute to Wizcraft and DPR.


I am medically fit and do not suffer from any illness/disease which renders me medically unfit in any manner for participation in the audition/workshop/show


I am not bound by any existing contract or arrangement with any other party which may prohibit me from entering into any agreement with Wizcraft or from participating in the audition/workshops/show (if selected)


I understand that my participation in the audition is done voluntarily and at my own risk. I also understand that Wizcraft reserves the right to select or disqualify me at its sole discretion at any stage.


I or my assigns shall not hold Wizcraft, its affiliates, agencies, directors, employees, representatives (parties) liable, under any circumstances, whatsoever. I absolve the parties of any liabilities or claims that may arise, in the course of my participation in the audition/workshop/show.


I hereby confirm that I have no right to check / audit / challenge the audition process either myself or through my representatives.


I shall not hold the parties responsible and/or liable for any physical injury, death, mental trauma, loss or any other liability caused to me including but not limited to any mishaps/loss that may occur during the time of travel to the venue of the audition/workshop/show.


I shall not hold the parties responsible for any loss/theft of belongings at the audition /workshop/show venue


I shall not hold the parties liable for any loss of earnings, employment or any other loss caused to me due to my participation in the audition/ workshop/ show


I shall solely bear travel, food, accommodation and any other expenditure that may be incurred by me during the audition or workshops that may be conducted by Wizcraft. Wizcraft shall not be liable in any manner to pay for or to reimburse any expenditure incurred by me for participating in the auditions/workshops.


I shall abide by the terms and conditions governing the auditions/workshops/show

I hereby declare that I am eligible and fulfill the criteria as mentioned above.
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